Venice is the city of Merchant Guild. It is located in Atlantic area, in the Mediterranean Sea.

Venice consists of 5 areas: offshore, dock, city, suburb and tavern. Both offshore and dock are directly accessible from high seas.

Venice is not siegeable and it cannot be owned by guilds.

Offshore Edit

Venice is defended by 5 barbettes which are located in offshore. In addition to regular dock, offshore contains 5 decharge beaches through which dock can be accessed.

There are several fishing shoals available daily in which following items can be fished.

Icon Item name
Tunny - Icon Tunny
Sardine - Icon Sardine
Sea Urchin - Icon Sea Urchin
Mantle Top - Icon Mantle Top
Queen Tegula - Icon Queen Tegula
Pure Iron - Icon Pure Iron
Provision - Icon Provision
Cannon Balls - Icon Cannon Balls

Dock Edit

Venice Port - Map

Venice dock map

City Edit

Venice City - Map

Venice city map

Suburb Edit

Venice Suburb - Map

Venice suburb map

Tavern Edit

Venice Tavern - Map

Venice tavern map

See also Edit

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