Ship-building is one of the 17 unique character skills. Its categorized as production skill. Ship-building is used for ship armor and figurehead production. The maximum level this skill can reach is 120.

Profession skillsEdit

Ship weapon manufacture Enables production of rams, armors and grapplings
Ship equipment manufacture Enables production of figureheads, sails and other ship equipment

Stunt skillsEdit

Optimize manufacturing Increases the success rate of Ship-building
Shipbuilder Spirit Adds +5 maximum SP
Battle repairing Repairs the ship in offshore scenes. Can be used while moving.
Urgent repair Repairs 5% hull every second, lasts 10 seconds. Used in boarding scenes only.

General InformationEdit

Armors (Shields)Edit



- The skill is called ship building, but players are unable to produce ships with it. Ships can only be made by NPC called Shipyard Boss.

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