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The Royal Military Officer is one of the five character professions available. Royal Military Officer specialize in using sword weapons. They are sea overlords. Their main strength lies in sea battle.

Land Battle Edit

The Royal Military Officer is primarily a close combat DPS profession that specializes in dealing large amounts of damage in short amount of time to single target. Their ability to dish out damage and dispel debuffs on their enemies makes them an important member of any group, whether PvP or PvE.

Sea Battle Edit

The Royal Military Officer has the best sea battle skills available. Their main strengths lie in dealing large amounts of damage to multiple ships at once.

Land Skills Edit

SwordplayEnhanced Critical StabEnhanced StabEnhanced Launch StabEnhanced Sword DanceFalchion Back HitMind's EyeFocusPrior RestrictionHeart ImpairingThunder and LighteningCombo HitSwiftArmor RendFinal RushRoyal Military Officer - Land Skills
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