Poseidon Interceptor is a level 13 adventure ship.



A list of base stats: Template:Table ship stats


Poseidon Interceptor can be retrofitted in Bimini at Pasedonia. See the Ship Engineer.


Rebuild locationsEdit

The Poseidon Interceptor can be rebuilt at the Shipyard Boss in any of the following locations:

Rebuild requirementsEdit

In order to rebuild, ship requires level 100 maneuverability.

Rebuild materialsEdit

A list of all materials required for the rebuild:

Icon Item name Amount
Silver Coin - Icon
Silver Coin 75,000,000
Level 12 Cold Ingot - Icon
Level 12 Cold Ingot 165
Level 12 Eaglewood Complex - Icon
Level 12 Eaglewood Complex 165
Norland Timber - Icon
Norland Timber (Colony Material) 50
Firebug Stone - Icon
Firebug Stone (Level 11 Metal) 350
Exact Apparatus - Icon
Exact Apparatus 15
Oak Timber - Icon
Oak Timber 200
Japanese Iron Ingot - Icon
Moonstone 50


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