The Polar Tundra Instance (Elite) is located on North Island.


To enter this instance character profession level must be at least 130 and bare-hand level 120.

Entrance is free and does not require any equipment.

The Elite version contains the same monsters as the (Ordinary) version but is more difficult.


There are no 'daily' quests for this instance.

There are drops which give a quest to exchange for Exploration Cards and Industry Materials.

There are drops to complete Exploration Card quests which can only be obtained in the instance.


Items that drop in the instance include:

Profession Armour, Hats, Weapons and Jewellery level 125-135 (Ordinary) type

Imperial Gold

Imperial Box, Temple Treasure Box

Obsidian, Sapphire, Olivine

(Ordinary) Stones (Damage Bonus, Damage Reduction, Critical, Anti-Critical type only)

Pure Steel, Handle, Steel Plate, Steel Thread

Blood Stone, Amethyst Stone, Holy Spirit Stone, Bloodthirsty Magic Stone, Purple Magic Stone

Blood Stone (Superior), Amethyst Stone (Superior)

Advanced Green Silver Key, Advanced Krypton Gold Key, Advanced Blood Key (For instance chests)

From bosses and blood chest only:

Frost Crystal, Crystal Shell, Heart Of Crystal