The Maltese Instances are located at Maltese Island in the Europe High Seas.


For Maltese Skirmish and Malta Defense instance, entrance is free and does not require any equipment.

For Maltese Defense (Elite), a map is required. This can be obtained from an NPC in Genoa in exchange for 1x Figurehead of Basha's Ship + 80x High Level Maltese Medals. The map is permanent.


There is one 'daily' quest for each instance which can be taken from an NPC in Genoa.

The Maltese Skirmish quest is to sink Hasan.

The rewards are 12,000,000 Profession Experience + 1 Imperial Gold + 1 Supporting Box of Imperial Navy.

The Maltese Defense quest is to sink Basha.

The rewards are 18,000,000 Profession Experience + 2 Imperial Gold + 3 Supporting Box of Imperial Navy.

The Maltese Defense (Elite) quest is to sink Basha (Elite).

The rewards are 45,000,000 Profession Experience + 5 Supporting Box of Imperial Navy + 1 Guild Build Permit.


Items that drop in the instance include:

Level 10 'Player-Made' Cannons (All types)

The Rudder Of Hasan's Ship

Skirmish Only:

Captured Flag

Defense and Defense (Elite):

Ottoman Empire Flag

The Backstay of Ali's Ship

The Blade of Dragut's Ship

The Figurehead of Basha's Ship

Cannon Dodge/Cannon Accuracy Fragments (Ordinary)

Supporting Box of Imperial Navy

Elite only:

7 Sea Shield

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