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Instance portal

Instance portal

Instances are special areas in Voyage Century that generate a new copy of the location for each team of players that enters the area. This ensures that different teams are able to interact with an area privately, without interference from other teams.

Voyage Century offers 18 different instances adjusted for both low and high level players. They are divided into 2 main categories, land and sea. Each of those categories is again divided into 3 subcategories according to difficulty level, low, medium and high level.

Low and middle level instances can be completed solo by a higher level character. While an interesting challenge, most drops will not be particularly useful anymore. High level instances usually require interaction and team work between players.

Instance farmingEdit

Instance farming is a term used for describing the act of constantly visiting the same instances with a specific goal in mind. The most common goals are to obtain money, equipment or experience.

Land instancesEdit

The land instances are divided into 3 categories. There are different level limits that determine whether a player can enter. All fighting is done in the land scenes.

Low levelEdit

Middle levelEdit

High levelEdit

Sea instancesEdit

The sea instances are divided into 3 categories. All fighting is done in the offshore scenes and players can not leave their ships.

Low levelEdit

Middle levelEdit

High levelEdit

Note that there are 3 different types of the Maltese Island instance which span the 3 categories.


There are no mixed instance available at the time being. Developers announced the release of mixed sea instance called Portobello but no release date has been given yet.


  • In the beta version, there were no instances available.
  • The first available instance was the Hurricane Island instance, added in the Doom Treasure patch.

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