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The Imperial Guardian is one of the five character professions available. Imperial Guardians specialize in using sword, falchion and axe weapons. They are land battle kings. They can play many roles depending on the build.

Land BattleEdit

The Imperial Guardian is close combat DPS that specializes in attacking multiple targets simultaneously with a falchion or attacking single targets with a sword. To gain the full advantage of the profession, skills should be focused towards one weapon.

The Imperial Guardian can also serve as an excellent tank, with an axe. The combination of Enhanced Defensive Stance, Persistence, Courage and Iron Skin makes them almost impossible to beat. Ancient Strike and Revenge allows them to keep aggro on the monsters so that they don't attack other team mates.

Sea BattleEdit

The Imperial Guardian has below average sea battle skills. Their sea battle skills are primarily focused on grappling and close combat.

Land Skills Edit

SwordplayEnhanced Critical StabFalchion SkillLightning Slash EnhancementEnhanced Axe-playingEnhanced BlockEnhanced Defensive StanceEnhanced HackEnhanced Power SlashEnhanced Fury SlashEnhanced Launch StabEnhanced StabEnhanced Sword DanceEnhanced Soul of SaberEnhanced Rage of GodFury CurseAncient StrikeHeart ImpairingFalchion Back HitFocusMind's EyeThunder and LighteningImpertinencePrior RestrictionPrayRevengeHalenessPersistenceFuryCombo HitMoraleCourageIron SkinCyclone ShearingImperial Guardian - Land Skills
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