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Ice Frost Blade is a one-handed level 140 falchion. This weapon can not be crafted. It is obtained from The Knight's Vigil questline. It is also obtained from Treasure Map Chain questline. Additionally it is available for exchange at the Suit Material Exchanger.



Ice Frost Blade is rewarded from the quest named Blade of Judgement which is a part of The Knight's Vigil questline. It is also rewarded from the quest named Treasure Finder which is a part of Treasure Map Chain questline.

Suit Material ExchangerEdit

Suit Material Exchanger - Icon Name: Suit Material Exchanger
Location: Possedonia, Seville Port
Icon Item name Amount
Silver Coin - Icon Silver Coin 200,000,000
Seal of Poseidon - Icon Seal of Poseidon 30
Seal of Heaven - Icon Seal of Heaven 30


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