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For Hurricane Island(Not instance), see ''see Hurricane Island''.


The Hurricane Island Instance is located on Hurricane Island.


To enter this instance character bare-hand level must be at least 91.

Entrance requires a map which can be bought from Tom the NPC on Hurricane Island for 7.5 Million Silver.

There is also an Elite map named Swamp Map (vim) which can be purchased by guilds who own cities. The Elite map gives a better drop rate and increases monsters' stats.


There is one 'daily' quest for this instance which can be taken from an NPC on the third floor of the instance.

The quest is to collect 4 items from a boss on the third floor which are then exchanged for a permanent key to the fourth floor.

This NPC also has a one-off quest to kill the boss on the fourth floor, the reward is 2 flawless diamonds.

There is another one-off quest to be taken from an NPC on hurricane island. The quest is to kill the boss from the first floor of the instance. The reward is a level 2 Kiss Of The Holy Gun skill manual.


Items that drop in the instance include:

Pure Steel, Handle, Steel Plate, Steel Thread

Blood Stone, Amethyst Stone, Holy Spirit Stone, Flame Stone

Windstorm Stone, Huge Power Stone, Blaze Stone

Level 2 Rage Of God skill manual, Level 2 Sword Dance skill manual

Phase 3 Promotion Chest

Level 10 Noble Jewellery, Rwan's Amulet, Lens' Eye, Inhumanity Ring

High Class Chine, Perfect Hide

Iron Hammer, Special-made Poison

Drilled socket items for sea battle equipment (All types)

Armour and Hat Drawings for Scale and Phoenix series

Weapon Drawings for Bone series

Alchemy Drawings for Special Potion series

From third floor onwards:

Agate, Red Diamond, Blue Diamond, Diamond, Black Diamond (All types)

Cannon Fight Jewellery (All types) - The main source of income from the instance, each sells at 5 Million silver to any NPC shop.

Fourth floor boss only:

Dante's Treasure Chest - Can give 200 of any map piece, 10 Million silver, Refining Crystals, Treasure Equipment for Pre-Profession equipment series

Fifth floor boss only:

Holy Judgment Ore, Sea Spirit Ore, Sea Witch Ore

In chests only:

Argentwood, Liquidambar Formosana, Firebug Stone, Amethyst, Musa Cloth, Poacynum Cloth

In sixth floor chests only:

Level 11-12 Cold Ingot/Eaglewood Complex/Timber/Metal

Obsidian, Olivine, Sapphire

Colony Materials (All types)

Quality Refines (Land and Sea)

Land Tiger/Sea Wolf/Black Skeleton Jewellery (All types)

Holy Water

Level 11 Cannon/Grapple/Ram/Figurehead/Shield Drawings

Keys for sixth floor chests

Level 6-9 Noble Jewellery