The Desolate Valley Instance (Elite) is located in Possedo Bay.


To enter this instance character profession level must be at least 145 and bare-hand level 120.

Entrance is free and does not require any equipment. The Elite version contains the same monsters as the (Ordinary) version but is more difficult.


There are no 'daily' quests for this instance.

There is an NPC who will exchange a Bimini Storyline quest item for a King's Shield.

If the second floor boss is killed before any one of the mini-bosses on the second floor, a chest will appear in front of that mini-boss.


Items that drop in the instance include:

Profession Armour, Hats, Weapons and Jewellery level 135-145 (Ordinary) type

Seal Of Poseidon

Imperial Box, Temple Treasure Box

Obsidian, Sapphire, Olivine

(Ordinary) Stones (Damage Bonus, Damage Reduction, Critical, Anti-Critical type only)

Refined Steel, Comfortable Handle, Pure Steel Plate, Refined Steel Thread

Blood Stone, Amethyst Stone, Holy Spirit Stone, Bloodthirsty Magic Stone, Purple Magic Stone

Blood Stone (Superior), Amethyst Stone (Superior)

King's Gem

From bosses only:

The King's Treasures, King's Breastplate, Decorated Crown of the King

From chests only:

Poseidon Sword, Poseidon Helmet, Poseidon Cloth

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