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Demonic Falchion of the Fallen is a level 150 falchion. This weapon can not be crafted. It is upgraded from King's Rare Reamer, God's Blessed Blade or Warblade of Salvation.


Demonic Falchion of the Fallen as with all types of new gen weapons 145-150 can be made at the Suit Compound Master. in Seville,Possedonia

In order to upgrade to Demonic Falchion Of the Fallen, 148 King's Rare Reamer/150 God's Blessed Blade or War Blade Of Salvation is required alongside other materials.

Suit Compound MasterEdit

Suit Compound Master - Icon Name: Suit Compound Master
Location: Possedonia, Seville Port

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Version Changes
0.113 When upgrading from Warblade of Salvation, amount of Moonstones required for upgrade at Suit Compound Master was reduced from 48 to 40.