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For Crete Maze (Not instance), see ''see Crete Labyrinth''.


The Crete Instance is located in Crete Island Inland.


To enter this instance character profession level must be at least 25.

Entrance is free and does not require any equipment.


There is one 'daily' quest for this instance which can be taken from Samaris the NPC.

The quest is to kill the Black Widow.

The rewards are 12,000,000 Profession Experience + 1 Imperial Gold.

There is one bonus quest for this instance.

If the Black Widow drops a Crete Skeletal Clothes Charm, the player can talk to the Unknown Skeleton NPC and receive a map for the second floor of the instance.

The second floor has no quest, just monsters.


Items that drop in the instance include:

Weapons level 1-51 (Ordinary) type

Rare Gold

(Old) Stones

(Ordinary) Stone Fragments

Secondary Healing Potions 

Noble Jewellery level 7-10.

Items that drop only on the second floor:

Profession Jewellery (Sea and Land) level 1-53

Land Tiger and Sea Wolf Jewellery