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The Caribbean Pirate is one of the five character professions available. Caribbean Pirates specialize in using falchion and axe weapons. Their main strength lies in dealing rapid damage to multiple targets.

Land Battle Edit

The Caribbean Pirate is primarily a close combat DPS that specializes in attacking multiple targets simultaneously, with a falchion. It is considered the best profession for completing instances solo, fast and easy.

It can also serve as an excellent tank, with an axe. The combination of Enhanced Defensive Stance, Battle Soul and Focused Vitality makes them almost impossible to beat. Ancient Strike and Revenge allows them to keep aggro on the monsters so that they don't attack other team mates.

Sea Battle Edit

Caribbean Pirates have above average sea battle skills. They share most of their skills with the Royal Military Officer which makes them a very strong sea battle opponent. Their sea battle skills are primarily focused on cannon damage and range.

Land Skills Edit

Falchion SkillLighting Slash EnhancementEnhanced Axe PlayingEnhanced BlockEnhanced Fury SlashEnhanced Power SlashEnhanced HackEnhanced Defensive StanceEnhanced Soul of SaberImpertinenceEnhanced Rage of GodHalenessMind's eyeFocusFuryAncient StrikeFury CurseThunder and LighteningTornado SlashRevengePersistenceProficiencyBattle SoulFocused VitalityTornado MasteryCaribbean Pirate - Land Skills
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Sea Skills Edit

Trajectory ResearchLoading TrainingPowder KnowledgeCannon Frame ImprovementStrengthens DefensePotshotRapid FiringRammingDodgeManeuverabilityStrengthens ChaseProtection NetUnderwater ArmorEmergency SolutionDamage ControlCaribbean Pirate - Sea Skills
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