An auxiliary is an item used to enhance ships stats.

This sort of item contributes to the ships hull durability, sail durability, loading capacity, square sail propulsion, number of sailors, cannon amount, hull damage reduction, sail damage reduction, sailor damage reduction, ramming damage reduction, cannon attacking, ship dodge rate and cannon hit rate. Some auxiliary items also serve as ship charms (appearance changing items). Some also have various buffs like immunity to storms or pirate raids on high seas.

Auxiliary slot

Auxiliary slots (shown in red)

Auxiliaries are mostly permanent items. They are equipped in the auxiliary slots. Every ship has three basic auxiliary slots and one special auxiliary slot reserved specially for grappling hooks.

They are mostly permanent items. Some auxiliary items have durability, but it never decreases, no matter how many times they're used. That makes them permanent items that never have to be taken off and repaired. Fishing nets are an exception. Fishing nets will use their durability upon being used.

Some auxiliary items have weight attribute. While stored in ships inventory, they will take up portion of the ships load. After equipping, they will become weightless, they will not take any of the ships load.

Auxiliary items are mostly purchased from item mall. Quite few of them can be found in game in various [instance]]s.

Auxiliary listEdit

List of all auxiliaries available in game can be found on the page below.