Athens is the capital city of The Kingdom of Greece. It is located in Atlantic area, in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the starting port for new players.

Athens consists of 6 areas: offshore, dock, city, suburb, tavern and church. Both offshore and dock are directly accessible from high seas.

Athens is siegeable and it can be owned by guilds.

Offshore Edit

Athens is defended by 4 barbettes and 1 main emplacement which are located in offshore. In addition to regular dock, offshore contains 4 decharge beaches trough which dock can be accessed.

There are several fishing shoals available daily in which following items can be fished;

Icon Item name
Tunny - Icon Tunny
Sardine - Icon Sardine
Sea Urchin - Icon Sea Urchin
Siebold's Cone - Icon Siebold's Cone
Lettered Cone - Icon Lettered Cone
Level 1 Timber - Icon Level 1 Timber
Provision - Icon Provision
Cannon Balls - Icon Cannon Balls

Dock Edit

Athens Port - Map

Athens dock map

List of NPC's Edit

Common NPC's

File:Docker - Icon.png Docker

Vendors and exchangers

File:Shipyard Boss - Icon.png Shipyard Boss

File:Ability Book Exchange Master - Icon.png Ability Book Exchange Master

File:Points Exchanger - Icon.png Points Exchanger

File:Point Card Conductor - Icon.png Point Card Conductor

File:Administrator of Master & Apprentice System - Icon.png Administrator of Master & Apprentice System


File:Thomas - Icon.png Thomas

File:Adis - Icon.png Adis

File:Langer - Icon.png Langer

Other NPC's

File:Voyage Tutor - Icon.png Voyage Tutor

File:Voyage Inspector - Icon.png Voyage Inspector

File:Practice Field Administrator - Icon.png Practice Field Administrator

File:Collecting Field Conservator - Icon.png Collecting Field Conservator

File:Daily Instance Quest Giver - Icon.png Daily Instance Quest Giver

File:Trader Quest Giver - Icon.png Trader Quest Giver

File:Coaching Quest Guide - Icon.png Coaching Quest Guide

File:The Veteran - Icon.png The Veteran

File:Combat Event Teleporter - Icon.png Combat Event Teleporter

File:Sea Battle (Single) Master - Icon.png Sea Battle (Single) Master

File:Land Battle (Single) Master - Icon.png Land Battle (Single) Master

File:The Benevolent Voyager - Icon.png The Benevolent Voyager


File:Guard - Icon.png Guard

City Edit

Athens City - Map

Athens city map

List of NPC's

List of vendors

List of Master NPC's

List of residents

Church Edit

Athens Church - Map

Athens church map

Suburb Edit

Athens Suburb - Map

Athens suburb map

See also Edit

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