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The Armed Businessman is one of the five character professions available. Armed Businessman specialize in using gun weapons. Their primary role is assistance. Their main strength lies in healing.

Land BattleEdit

The Armed Businessman is primarily a ranged combat assistance profession that specializes in healing. Their ability to heal and buff allies, dispel debuffs on their allies, and resurrect fallen allies makes them an important member of any group, whether PvP or PvE.

They can also serve as an excellent tank, with an falchion. The combination of high defense and healing skills makes them almost impossible to beat.

Sea BattleEdit

The Armed Businessman has below average sea battle skills. Their main strengths lie in repairing and enhancing ships and healing sailors.

Land Skills Edit

Enhanced Gun SkillEnhanced SnipingEnhanced Wounding ShotEnhanced Rapid FireEnhanced Kiss of the Holy GunShock ShotFirst AidFast HealingGroup HealingMedical KnowledgeRevival SkillPassionVigorPrior RestrictionDisclosureEagle EyeProtectionIntrepidressBlessingPassionMeditationArmed Businessman - Land Skills
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Sea Skills Edit

Medical RoomAdditional ArmorSail EnhancementFirst-aid MasterRepair MasterShip's Hull EnhancementEmergency SolutionReinforcementRepairSailor EnhancementDamage ControlStrenghten the ShipSacrificeArmed Businessman - Sea Skills
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